Bob Marley: Stations Of The Cross (DVD + CD)

Bob Marley: Stations Of The Cross (DVD + CD)

Производитель: A Pride Production

Год выпуска: 2009


Боб Марли


The tragedy that was the premature death of Bob Marley in 1982, did at least serve to remind the world that this was a man who had such charisma the politicians listened to him, such talent that the critics raved about him, and such soul that anybody with a pulse couldn't fail but be moved by his music. This film tells the complete and unexpurgated story of Bob Marley and of the life he led and the music he made. From his earliest days growing up in a small Jamaican village, through his first musical excursions - some 12 years before the world learnt his name - to his era as an iconic and much loved superstar, a position he was cruelly only to enjoy for 6 short years. Featuring the rarest footage of Bob and The Wailers in existence [including much from private collections], interviews with his very closest friends, loved ones and associates, contributions from the finest writers and journalists, plus news reports, location shoots, exclusive photographs and much more, this is the best film yet to document Marley's life as it will prove a delight for the millions of fans still enamoured of the man and his music.

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НазваниеBob Marley: Stations Of The Cross
ТипДокументальный фильм
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Дополнительные материалыDVD: Bob Marley: Stations Of The Cross<br><br> CD: Bob Marley: Stations Of The Cross<br> More than an hour of audio interviews with Bob Marley, split into a number of sections, each of which concentrates on a different subject close to man's heart. From religion to Jamaica, musical inspirations to playing live, this was Bob at his most relaxed (ok, Bob was always relaxed!) being candid, open, honest and, as ever, charming to the end.