Britney Spears: Innocent Beauty

Britney Spears: Innocent Beauty

Производитель: Chrome Dreams

Год выпуска: 2004


Бритни Спирс


With her unmistakable hit "Baby One More Time". Britney seemed to burst out of nowhere to immediately reign as the Princess of Pop. One or the world's most talented young performers. Britney Spears can dance and sing like no-one else on Earth. This DVD charts the rise of Britney from her humble beginnings as a Louisiana country girl to her cur-rent multi-platinum success and world I domination. "Britney Spears: Innocent Beauty" tells the full story of this incredible talent who achieved so much so quickly. Packed with interviews and rare footage. This documentary film points the cameras where they have never previously preyed, charting the years of dedication. Hard work and the self-belief it took Britney Spears to reach the top. - The complete and unauthorised biography or Britney Spears - Includes exclusive interviews and rare footage - Insider revelations on Britney's success - DVD special features include extensive Britney discography and digital trivia quiz.

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НазваниеBritney Spears: Innocent Beauty
ТипДокументальный фильм
Длительность мин57
ДистрибьюторКонцерн "Группа Союз"
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