Pink Floyd: Between Syd And The Dark Side

Pink Floyd: Between Syd And The Dark Side

Производитель: Silver and Gold

Год выпуска: 2010


"Pink Floyd"


Pink Floyd had already come a long way from their bines roots when main creative force Syd Barett sadly drifted away from the band in a haze of drug inducec nonchalance, bought on by one too many bad trips. Syd had led the Floyd into the absolute core оf the London underground's psychedelic movement but as his mental health failed the reins of the band were taken up by Roger Waterslind Dave Gilmour. Under their direction, the move towards prog-rock experimentalism took shape via the albums and soundtracks they completed in the post-Syd, pre-Dark Side era. With the Floyd's "Meddle" now seen as the real start of the journey that would result in masterpieces such as "Dark Side of the Moon", "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall" this era is crying out for reassessment. This extraordinary documentary film reviews this time in detail and considers again the band's live performances and studio recordings, as well as their lives and career generally, across the 1968 - 1973 period, and in so doing sheds fresh light on how Pink Floyd became one of the biggest bands ever. Includes archive interviews with the group plus rare and studio performance footage, contributions and insight from luminaries including Floyd producer Norman Smith, friend and colleague Peter Banks from Yes, touring bassist Hugh Hopper and other friends colleague and associates, along with Pink Floyd biographer Mark Blake, Wire magazine's David Stubbs and ambient author Mark Prendergast, this film lifts the lid on this pivotal period in Pink Floyd's exceptional career.

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НазваниеPink Floyd: Between Syd And The Dark Side
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