Sun Ra & His Arkestra: The Cry Of Jazz

Sun Ra & His Arkestra: The Cry Of Jazz

Производитель: Mvd Visual

Год выпуска: 1959

Режисер: 'Эдвард О. Бландс


Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra


Filmed in Chicago & finished in 1959. The Cry of Jazz is filmmaker, composer an arranger Edward O. Bland's polemical essay on the politics of music and race- a forecast of what he called "The death of jazz." A landmark moment in black film, foreseeing the civil unrest of Subsequent decades, it also features the only known footage of visionary pianist Sun Ra from his beloved Chicago period. Featured are ample images of tenor saxophonist John Gilmore and the rest of Ra's Arkestra In Windy City nightclubs, all shot in glorious black & white.Rarely seen in cinemas, this is the first commercial release of The Cry of Jazz-transferred from a pristine print and featuring an otherwise unreleased Arkestral soundtrack.

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НазваниеSun Ra & His Arkestra: The Cry Of Jazz
ТипДокументальный фильм
Длительность мин34
ДистрибьюторКонцерн "Группа Союз"
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Дополнительно на дискеФильм - черно-белый,Special Features: Photo Gallery & Unheard Music Series CD catalog
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