The Music Of Buddy Holly & The Crickets: The Definitive Story

The Music Of Buddy Holly & The Crickets: The Definitive Story

Производитель: Universal Music International Ltd.

Год выпуска: 1957

Режисер: Барри Барнес


"The Crickets",Бадди Холли


Buddy Holly And The Crickets Made Some Of The Greatest Rock & Roll Records Of All Time. It's A Remarkable Fact That Such Classics As "That'll Be The Day", "Peggy Sue", "Oh Boy", "Maybe Baby", "Rave On" And "Think It Over" Were All Recorded In A Little Less Than Twelve Month During 1957-1958. Everything About These Tracks Is So Perfect; The Fabulous Songs Which Completely Capture The Spirit Of Rock n' Roll, Buddy's Outstanding Vocals And Guitar Playing, Jerry Allison's Subtle, Unique Drumming, The Wonderfully Atmospheric Backing Vocals By Gary & Ramona Tollett, The Picks Or The Roses... And Norman Petty's Production. Arguably, At That Moment In Time, Petty, Whose Studio Was In Clovis, New Mexico, Was The Greatest Record Producer In The World. On January 23, 1959 Buddy Began A 3-Week Tour Through The Frozen Midwest With Newly Hired, Crickets, Carl Bunch And Tommy Allsup. He Was Killed Along With Ritchie Valens And The Big Bopper On February 3, 1959 In A Plane Crash Near Clear Lake, Iowa, Travelling To The Twelfth Date Of That Tour. He Was Just 22 Years Old. In His 1971 Song "American Pie", Don Mclean Referred To Holly's Death As "The Day The Music Died". Suck A Short Life. Such A Giant Legacy.Leaving his Own Great Recordings And Inspiring British Groups Of The Sixth Like The Beatles, The Stones And The Hollies, Baddy Holly Is One Of The Greatest Men Of Rock & Roll.

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НазваниеThe Music Of Buddy Holly & The Crickets: The Definitive Story
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Дополнительные материалыХронометраж: 54 минуты, <br> Английский Dolby Digital 2.0 <br> Субтитры: Английский / Французский / Португальский / Немецкий / Испанский<br><br> <li>The 90 Minute Definitive Story <li>3 Live Performances From The Ed Sullivan Show: (Английский PCM Stereo, Nou Subtitles) - That'll Be The Day 1 - Peggy Sue - Oh Boy <li>Interviews Specially Recorded In 2004 With Peggy Sue Gerron, Jerry Allison, Joe B. Mauldin, Sonny Curtis, Tommy Allsur Carl Bunch, Sonny West And Many More... <li>Previously Unseen Interview Footage "The Day The Music Died", Buddy's Friends And Colleagues Talk About Where They Were The Day They Heard The News